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About Us

VALLEY BARGAIN BOOK, "The shopper that everyone reads," has been landing on doorsteps in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas for more than a quarter of a century with no signs of slowing down.

The vast majority of VALLEY BARGAIN BOOK readers, *75.8% say that they're influenced to buy products or services advertised in the paper. With over 300 distribution points, distributed throughout the Rio Grande Valley, and a combined distribution of 129,940 makes for a huge number of Valley residents that feel the effects of the weekly publication.

Ever since the very first issue was published in April of 1978, VALLEY BARGAIN BOOK has been a leading force in advertising for our clients and a leading source of goods and services for our readers. With three publications covering Cameron, Hidalgo and Willacy counties in the southern tip of Texas, BARGAIN BOOK courts customers from all across the tri-county area, and delivers advertisements across that same expanse.

"The VALLEY BARGAIN BOOK has a long history of PROVEN RESULTS," says Gerard Delaney, Sr. Group Publisher, Rio Grande Valley of the Brownsville and Harlingen offices. "Our customers cite those results as the reason they keep coming back."

"The distribution, the fact that it is a free publication and the sheer volume of ads makes it an ideal product for both advertisers and customers. And our stability in the community means we'll be putting advertisers in contact with customers for years to come."


Our office is located at 2494 Central Blvd., Brownsville, TX 78520, (956) 546-5113 or (956) 423-1818.