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Should I Be Worried About That Condensation on My Windows?

(StatePoint) If you take a look at your home’s windows and doors in winter, you may notice condensation. As temperatures drop, it often appears on the inside and outside of these surfaces.

  • icon Posted: December 11

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Wednesday 12/11/2019
Let Trends Guide Your 2020 Travel
Updated: December 12, 2019 - 2:48 am

(Family Features) While there’s plenty to be said for taking the proverbial road less traveled, fellow tourists can provide a wealth of knowledge to help shape a vacation filled with lifelong memories.

Give the Gift of Travel
Updated: December 12, 2019 - 2:48 am

(Family Features) Finding the perfect gift for someone who already has it all may be easier when you stop thinking in terms of “things.” A gift that creates an unforgettable experience, like a trip to a special destination, may be more meaningful than a trinket under the tree.

Home Decorating for the Holidays
Updated: December 12, 2019 - 2:48 am

(Family Features) Chances are good that at some point during the holiday season, you’ll welcome guests into your home. Whether you lease or own your home, creating a cozy, festive setting for holiday gatherings can actually be quite simple, especially if you take on the project one room at a time.

Holiday Gifting Made Easy
Updated: December 12, 2019 - 2:48 am

Gift ideas for everyone on your list

A Streaming Solution for Subscription Fatigue
Updated: December 12, 2019 - 2:48 am

(Family Features) Entertainment seekers have an almost overwhelming number of options available today when it comes to viewing television shows and movies. The rise in alternative entertainment options, such as streaming video services, has only increased the amount of choices.

5 Winter Home Safety Tips
Updated: December 12, 2019 - 2:48 am

(Family Features) When you see frost on the windows in the morning, feel the crunch of leaves underfoot and hear the roar of fire in the fireplace, old man winter has returned.

4 Ways to Share the Holidays with Your Pet
Updated: December 12, 2019 - 2:48 am

(Family Features) The holiday season is filled with traditions, seasonal meals and festivities. With busy calendars, it can be easy to get caught up with a long to-do list when the true joy of the season is in creating meaningful memories with loved ones, including pets.

Protect the World’s Children this Holiday Season
Updated: December 12, 2019 - 2:48 am

(Family Features) The holidays signal a time for family gatherings, traditions and the spirit of giving. Make this holiday season even more meaningful by giving gifts that help children in need around the globe.

When Holidays are Hard
Updated: December 12, 2019 - 2:48 am

Tips for coping with a food-centric season

Friday 12/06/2019
Holiday Décor Tips from Interior Designer Genevieve Gorder
Updated: December 12, 2019 - 2:48 am

(BPT) - 'Tis the season to eat, drink and entertain. Whether you’re hosting a smaller, more intimate gathering or throwing a grand festive soiree, don’t stress about upping your holiday home décor game — a few small touches will go a long way. In partnership with Scotties Facial Tissues, interior designer and television host Genevieve Gorder is sharing five tips to help you prep for the holiday entertaining season.

Wednesday 12/04/2019
2020: The year of the home improvement
Posted: December 04, 2019

(BPT) - A new year is an opportunity to bring fresh life into your home through renovations, both large and small. Want an updated kitchen? A patio addition? New floors? Every homeowner has a different vision for their space, so make 2020 the year your home improvement dreams come true. But where should you start?

Prepare Your Family for Winter Weather
Updated: December 09, 2019 - 2:37 am

(Family Features) While the impact of winter weather varies across the country, nearly all Americans are affected in some capacity each year as temperatures drop, from freezing rain to severe blizzards. One of the key dangers when severe weather strikes is the potential loss of heat, power and communication services. Making a portable generator part of your family’s emergency plan can help keep your loved ones safe and warm in the event of an unexpected power outage.

Clever Kitchen Upgrades
Updated: December 09, 2019 - 2:37 am

Fresh colors and textures for a functional kitchen style

Spruce Up Your Guestroom for the Holidays
Updated: December 09, 2019 - 2:37 am

(Family Features) The holidays are typically a time for lots of merriment and cheer. They also often include an abundance of guests visiting your home, which means it’s time to get the guestroom ready for family and friends who’ll be spending time with you this season.

3 Holiday Activities to Engage with Loved Ones
Updated: December 09, 2019 - 2:37 am

(Family Features) Any time can be the right time to enjoy memorable moments with family members, but the holidays present a special opportunity to have meaningful conversations and interactions with loved ones.

Warm, Cozy and Eco-Friendly
Updated: December 09, 2019 - 2:37 am

Earth-friendly home improvements for winter

Remodel Your Way to a Bigger ROI
Updated: December 09, 2019 - 2:37 am

(Family Features) Homeowners and renters remodel, redesign and restructure their homes for a variety of reasons. Even a newly constructed dream home needs improvements over time.

On-Trend Home Design
Updated: December 09, 2019 - 2:37 am

(Family Features) If a home makeover is on your horizon, it’s the perfect time to take note of design trends that may help shape your project. Today’s hottest looks leave plenty of room for personal interpretation, so it’s easier than ever to incorporate the latest looks for a home that seamlessly blends your personality with on-trend decor and design elements.

Break Free from Costly Streaming Services
Updated: December 09, 2019 - 2:37 am

(Family Features) Monthly subscription fees for streaming video services can really add up. That’s why television, film and music stars – such as The Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Sherzinger, Terrance Howard (“Hustle & Flow,” “Empire”), Chris Noth (“Sex and the City,” “Law & Order”), Carmen Electra (“Baywatch,” “Scary Movie”) and Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph from season 23 of “The Bachelor” – are breaking up with their paid streaming services in new commercials that appear to be typical therapy sessions, instead opting for a free streaming option like Tubi. With more than 15,000 movies and TV shows, the advertiser-supported service is available on nearly every type of device, including Android and iOS mobile devices, video game consoles, plug-and-play streaming devices and more.

Wednesday 11/27/2019
Bringing Communities Together
Updated: December 02, 2019 - 2:32 am

(Family Features) It’s important today to find ways to connect with others to help deepen your understanding of those around you. In a time when differences seem to dominate today’s culture, it can help to find similarities, draw connections and bridge worlds.

5 Pro Tips to Prep Homes for Winter
Updated: December 02, 2019 - 2:32 am

(Family Features) Before blustery winter days arrive, there are plenty of home improvement projects contractors can tackle for homeowners. Many cooler weather projects focus on cost efficiency and sustainability, making the improvements all around smart investments.

5 Tips to Ward Off Cold Weather
Updated: December 02, 2019 - 2:32 am

Understanding Medical Sharps and Safe Disposal Options
Updated: December 02, 2019 - 2:32 am

(Family Features) If you’re among the millions of people in the United States who suffer from a chronic illness, you may use “sharps” to manage your medical condition at home or on the go. For example, many people with diabetes self-inject at least two insulin shots every day, and conditions including allergies, arthritis, cancer, infertility, migraines and psoriasis, among others, may also require the use of a sharp to administer medication.

Manage Grief with Grace this Holiday Season
Updated: December 02, 2019 - 2:32 am

(Family Features) Holidays are filled with traditions, but when someone you used to share those moments with has died, managing grief during the holiday season can be particularly challenging.

Monday 11/25/2019
Last Minute Gift Ideas From The Grocery Store
Updated: November 28, 2019 - 2:52 am


Thursday 11/21/2019
How to Turn Your Home into the Ultimate Staycation ‘Destination’
Posted: November 21, 2019

(StatePoint) While vacations sound like the best chance to unwind, planning a trip out of town -- and getting there – can sometimes be more hassle than it’s worth.

Wednesday 11/20/2019
Old Oak Barrels Find New Life as Furniture
Posted: November 20, 2019

(NewsUSA) - Chris Deffenbaugh first saw the potential in repurposing old oak barrels when he saw pieces of an old one in the corner of a friend's basement.

Are Your Lungs Trying to Tell You Something?
Updated: November 25, 2019 - 2:53 am

(Family Features) Do you get short of breath doing daily activities? Feel like you’re unable to take deep breaths? Are you constantly coughing or wheezing? If you said yes to any of these questions, you may be experiencing symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a serious, potentially devastating lung disease also known as chronic bronchitis or emphysema. Though it’s easy to think of these symptoms as just part of “getting older’’ or as problems that come with allergies, often they are not.

Autumn Additions
Updated: November 25, 2019 - 2:53 am

Fall upgrades for enhancing your home

Emerging Trends in Pet-Friendly Cities
Updated: November 25, 2019 - 2:53 am

(Family Features) From housing and business policies to overarching economic health, pets are making a profound impact on the lives of their owners. In its first Annual Report, Mars Petcare’s BETTER CITIES FOR PETS program highlights seven emerging trends as cities are working to make pets feel welcome. For a view of the full report and resources to help make your community more pet-friendly, visit

4 Steps for DIY Paint Project Success
Updated: November 25, 2019 - 2:53 am

(Family Features) Painting is one of the easiest and most impactful DIY projects for homeowners to quickly update their homes. Whether it’s a new look in a master bathroom, adding a pop of color to the guest room, finishing off a basement remodel or anything in-between, a fresh coat of paint provides a fresh spin that’s all your own.

Simple STEM Activities to Do at Home
Updated: November 25, 2019 - 2:53 am

(Family Features) Winter is the season for family gatherings, snow days and breaks from school and work, but all this time indoors can lead to a serious case of cabin fever for both children and adults. Before you face another chorus of “I’m bored,” consider these simple activities you and your child can do together when winter weather or schedules have you stuck indoors.

3 Tips to Create Your Dream Closet
Updated: November 25, 2019 - 2:53 am

(Family Features) If you’ve ever opened your closet doors and been depressed by what you see, it may be time to rethink your closet.

Thursday 11/14/2019
Transform Your Kitchen with an Easy DIY Tile Backsplash
Posted: November 14, 2019

(BPT) - As the home’s center for family gatherings and entertaining friends, it’s no surprise that kitchens are the most popular room to renovate, according to online home remodeling and design resource Houzz. However, Houzz also identifies kitchens as the most expensive room to update. This challenges homeowners to find upgrades that can be completed quickly without hiring a contractor. Installing a new backsplash with glass, ceramic or mosaic tile is one of the fastest, easiest, most affordable options. It’s so simple that it's often overlooked as a do-it-yourself project. Pairing a new backsplash with a paint job and simple cabinet hardware changes can dramatically transform the entire look of your kitchen — just in time to host an annual holiday party or an impromptu get-together.

Wednesday 11/13/2019
Ready for Winter Weather
Updated: November 18, 2019 - 2:31 am

Tips to keep your family safe and warm

It Pays to Compare Using Medicare’s New Plan Finder During Open Enrollment
Updated: November 18, 2019 - 2:31 am

Quick Ways to Freshen Up Your Home for Fall
Updated: November 18, 2019 - 2:31 am

(Family Features) As fall weather sets in, many homeowners take advantage of cooler days to spruce up their living spaces since they’re confined indoors. However, fitting all that work into a busy season filled with school, sports and other family demands isn’t always easy.

5 Tips to Get Your Home Winter-Ready
Updated: November 18, 2019 - 2:31 am

(Family Features) As the days get shorter and the weather turns chilly, it's time to prepare your home for the winter months ahead. Because your home will likely require extra maintenance to keep it in shape throughout the winter, beginning preparations early can help lower energy bills, increase the efficiency and lifespan of your home's components and make your property safer overall.

Friday 11/08/2019
Hispanic Homeowner Follows A Step-By-Step Plan to Buy A House
Posted: November 08, 2019

(NewsUSA) - A national housing survey found 88 percent of Hispanics felt homeownership was a good long-term investment, with 92 percent reporting they planned to be homeowners.

Prepare Your Home For The Rough Weather Ahead
Updated: November 13, 2019 - 2:36 am

(NAPSI)—There have been more than 80 extreme weather events in the United States that caused at least $1 billion each in damage since 2011, according to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Centers for Environmental Information.

Thursday 11/07/2019
5 Tips Homeowners Need This Winter to Prevent Unnecessary Costs
Posted: November 07, 2019

(StatePoint) A drop in temperature and an increase in precipitation like rain, sleet or snow can make winter costly at home.

Wednesday 11/06/2019
4 Ways Pets Improve Overall Well-Being
Updated: November 11, 2019 - 2:34 am

(Family Features) Self-care is an important piece of maintaining a happy and healthy life, and adopting a pet can be a beneficial way to improve overall well-being in a number of ways.

It Pays to Compare Using Medicare's New Plan Finder
Updated: November 11, 2019 - 2:34 am

Explore your options before the end of Open Enrollment

Encouraging Youth Sports and Their Benefits
Updated: November 11, 2019 - 2:34 am

(Family Features) Sports help shape kids’ lives, but due to funding shortages, some school sports programs are at risk.

Monday 11/04/2019
How to Bring Warmth and Texture to Your Kitchen
Updated: December 12, 2019 - 2:48 am

(BPT) - Hardwood kitchen cabinetry gained popularity in the 1980s, and demand for the versatile material has continued to grow since. “Hardwood cabinets and built-ins fit into any style of kitchen, from rustic farmhouse to sleek modern high-rise,” says Linda Jovanovich, of the American Hardwood Information Center. “Savvy designers and homeowners are using such classic woods as oak, walnut, cherry, and maple — along with less-expected varieties like hickory and cypress — to bring inviting warmth and interesting texture to their kitchens. That hardwoods are durable and will probably last for many years only adds to their appeal.” Here are five inspiring examples of what Linda is talking about.

Affordable DIY Projects to Transform Your Home
Posted: November 04, 2019

(StatePoint) Transformative home renovations don’t need to be complicated, nor do they need to cost an arm and a leg. There are plenty of affordable DIY projects you can do in a weekend to add beauty to your home’s indoor and outdoor spaces. Here are a few to consider:

Wednesday 10/30/2019
5 Questions to Ask When Planning for Long-Term Care
Updated: November 04, 2019 - 2:39 am

(Family Features) You may not want to consider a time when you might not be able to fully take care of yourself, but the reality is there is almost a 70% chance someone turning 65 today will need some type of long-term care service and support in his or her lifetime, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

5 Time-Saving Laundry Tips
Updated: November 04, 2019 - 2:39 am

(Family Features) Between sorting, washing, pouring, transferring, drying and folding, laundry can often feel like a daunting chore.

Give Your Home a Modern Makeover
Updated: November 04, 2019 - 2:39 am

(Family Features) Even if your home has seen a generation or two of living, creating a contemporary new look may not require a full-scale renovation. The key to creating a more modern feel is all in the details.

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